“Scott Guthrie was a great support to my husband and me as well as our daughter. After an incident that needed police intervention, he worked alongside us with both the school and the police to reach an outcome that was satisfactory to all concerned.  He also worked with the other parties involved and kept us well informed along the way .Without Scott we believe the outcome would have been very different and the resulting disciplinary actions would not have been satisfactory to all parties concerned.”

”We would have no hesitation in recommending Scott to help with support for families in any situation.”
— Denis and Marie, Feilding, New Zealand
On opening duck shooting weekend 6th May 2016, I was shot and nearly killed by a wealthy businessman. Throughout this traumatic time, my wife Jenny and myself have been supported by Scott Guthrie and others. Scott has steered us in directions and helped us connect with people whom may be able to help. Scott’s ongoing involvement has helped ease a lot of stress by just being there and being able to talk to people on our behalf.

Through his involvement and contacts, we have managed to have papers tabled in Parliament, and broadcast through media outlets. This case is ongoing, as is the support.

Scott’s victim advocacy work, from when we first contacted him, through court trials and ongoing reviews to this date has been very much appreciated. Scott has never backed away from this case even when things got difficult. Scott can see the injustice in this case and continues to work with and support us to this day.
— Jim Morton, Dannevirke, New Zealand
I write this testimonial in regards to the support that my family received from Mr Scott Guthrie after our 22 year old son received a severe traumatic brain injury as result of a one punch hit.

During the time where our lives were in such turmoil Mr Guthrie was our one constant contact and someone who we could totally depend on for assistance in relation to the justice system. Without his support I doubt whether we could have negotiated our way through, what was for us, a totally alien environment.

Mr Guthrie steered us through the court process more so than anyone else and liaised with police and the Crown Prosecutor with us. It took eighteen months for our son’s case to go to court and in that time we had many Court Call Overs. Mr Guthrie attended every one of these call over’s and at times was my only support as my husband needed to work. This support was invaluable as I faced the intimidation from the accused whanau. Additionally Mr Guthrie attended the five day trial and yet again helped us through the unknown.

Additionally, Mr Guthrie put us in touch with other people who had been in similar situations and this was incredibly meaningful as it helped us to know that other people understood our situation. He also made regular calls to see how my family and son were managing and as a consequence I did not feel that we were facing the horrific situation we found ourselves in alone.

Unlike other supposed supports Mr Guthrie was genuinely concerned and committed to our situation, which for me signified I could depend and trust him. It is a sad reflection that in all of the dealings I had with the court / police process I can honestly say that Mr Guthrie was the only one I could rely on.

Mr Guthrie is passionate about making change and bringing justice to New Zealand and I totally support him in his endeavours to do this. I am truly grateful to him for all the assistance he gave to my family.
— Bronwyn Gudopp, Palmerston North, New Zealand